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About Us

We Love Surfing and We Love Surfboards

     Custom surfboards are what RMS Surfboards is all about. Because we concentrate on our custom surfboard business, we are able to give the best price with no hidden costs and deliver our quality Australian made surfboards direct to the surfer with little hassle.

     RMS Surfboards has a range of surfboard models to fit any type of surfer. They have been extensively tested by our amateur and professional team. And our shaper, Rex Marechal, is on the leading edge of the design and manufacture of performance surfboards. Rex started his career hand shaping for friends in Southern California in the late 1970's. While working at some of San Diego's most prestigious surfboard factories, he honed his craft as a shaper, sander and laminater. As one of the better surfer/shapers in the area he became popular for his shaping skills and launched his own label in 1982. Now well into his third decade, he has had the opportunity to shape for some of the world's best labels and surfers with great success.

     Mixing the old-school with the new, Rex has a foundation of shaping skills that have earned the respect from his peers. From every single facet in the art of surfboard manufacturing, to an educated understanding in CAD shaping and designing technology, he is a complete shaper in tune with all the latest developments in the industry. And having a complete, full service facility, he caters to other shapers with AKU shaping service, blank sales and contract glassing.

     Passionate about surfing and surfboards, Rex strives for perfection in his product. He still shapes every board that bears his name and can intuitively customize your next surfboard. We at RMS Surfboards believe communication is the key to getting boards under your feet that not only perform but allow you to progress with your surfing. See you in the water!

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